Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

Redwolf is 10 years at IWA this year. And from day one Redwolf supports the Airsoft Meetup. Marck is the main host and presenters for Redwolf TV, together with Tim. Being well immersed in the airsoft community and products they both are able to bring fresh and interesting content for the enjoyment of everyone.
Before joining Redwolf TV, Marck has been part of the local airsoft community for many years. As a firearms and airsoft enthusiast, Marck has always tried to bring an objective look at how airsoft replicates real steel and how they can cross over.
Marck is able to bring a unique genuine feeling to RWTV, making it standout as a premier destination for online airsoft content and entertainment. This will be entertaining on stage! We are glad to have Marck again. "**"

My presentation:

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