Tim Selby

Tim Selby

This year Redwolf is 10 years at IWA! From they 1 they support the Airsoft Meetup. Tim is the main host and presenters for Redwolf TV, together with Marck. Being well immersed in the airsoft community and products they both are able to bring fresh and interesting content for the enjoyment of everyone. Tim sports an acting background with drama training, combined with his passion for airsoft, he always finds ways to ensure each episode our viewers watch is fresh, engaging, and entertaining. Most importantly, Tim has been able to travel the world to play airsoft in various places, namely Russia, making him not only an easily recognizable face but an awesome ambassador for the sport!
Tim is able to bring a unique genuine feeling to RWTV, making it standout as a premier destination for online airsoft content and entertainment. Tim will nail it on stage! "**"

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