Paul Chu

Paul Chu

Paul Chu will be first up during our 7th edition of the Airsoft Meetup. As speaker since the first edition Paul will start at 14:15 sharp. Does Paul need any introduction? Well Paul is CEO of Redwolf Airsoft/RWA Group; with his presentation, his vision on the industry and off course great products for 2018 he will blow us away! We are happy to welcome Paul again this year! Also Tim and Marck will be on stage. Hopefully Marck will bring his GHK SIG 553 GBBR on stage.We’ve got some cool stuff coming out in 2018 which is really interesting! Stay tuned!

RWA Group was founded in 2011 and focuses on manufacturing and distribution of premium quality Airsoft. The company was founded by the same people who founded RedWolf Airsoft, the oldest international airsoft retailer founded in 1998. Following the launch of their flagship product, the airsoft MG34 machinegun, RWA continues to innovate high quality products for the Airsoft and training market. RWA is the exclusive worldwide license holder for Nighthawk Custom, SPS, Samson Manufacturing, and CMT. RWA is the exclusive distributor for many premium brands like Madbull, Systema, Socom Gear, Inokatsu, Airsoft Surgeon, IMI Defense, Airsoft Innovations, PDI, E&L, Pantac, Wiley X, LBX, and many other brands in multiple countries worldwide. The company also offers several other models of Nighthawk Custom Airsoft pistols, and a line of accessories including high quality BB pellets, gas and batteries.

My Presentation: